999 Demo Contest From FBS

How do you like two consecutive post about the FBS bonuses huh?… The 999 Demo Contest pre-registration is up again and running. This contest is going to commence from November 23, 2011 to December 23, 2011. This 999 Demo Contest is a contest from FBS that is being held on a timely basis, more or less, it’s monthly but not precise since I was thinking  that it missed one month. With this contest, each participant is given with $9999 credited demo account at 1:100 leverage allowing him to trade 28 currency pairs with all types of expert advisors allowed. The prize fund is worth 999 USD that will be divided accordingly to the top three participants:

1st prize – 555 USD

2nd prize – 333 USD

3rd prize – 111 USD

I decided to try my luck on this competition last month but unfortunately, I forgot my contest account details. Before I forget, one contestant will also be chosen to get a free FBS Mastercard! However, there is also just another promotion from FBS to all clients to avail for the free Mastercard from October 28 – December 31, 2011 (see my post).


How To Participate

  1. Each participant must be an FBS client. (Open an account here!). FBS does not require you to deposit to open an account. In fact they offer free $5 no deposit bonus for all micro accounts – an option to start trading at 1:500 leverage,
  2. When logged in to your account, click on “Constests -> 999” on the left sidebar and register in the contest.
  3. An email about your contest account details will be sent to you. Save it for future reference.


Terms on the 999 Demo Contest

  1. Each contestant must only have one contest account. (Perhaps the system now won’t allow you to have many)
  2. All types of EA’s (expert advisors) are allowed.
  3. Don’t open trades before the contest. (Perhaps they will be automatically closed)
  4. Only one IP per contest account. Using proxies will disqualify you in the contest.
  5. Login information for your contest account cannot be restored so save your account details.
  6. All prizes will be paid in real account and are withdrawable that’s why you really need to open an account.
  7. Using false information upon registration will disqualify you, you cannot make any withdrawal if you are not verified.
  8. Each contestant can win (1st,2nd or 3rd prizes) only once. If a he becomes a winner again, only 10% of the prize will be paid to him.
  9. In case of a tie, they will share the prize equally.
  10. In case the prize funds are used for real trading, the limit of withdrawable profit from an account is 300% of the prize (so you withdraw first and deposit again… that’s the technique lol)
  11. The contest cannot start with less than 50 participants.
  12. Any violation of the rules will disqualify a participant in the contest.
  13. As the tradition goes, almost all broker promotions has the broker’s right to cancel the promotion or edit the rules in the contest.


To all participants, GOOD LUCK!

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