Etoro’s Trading Challenges

There are two types of eToro’s trading challenges. Guess what?……. Of course it’s the practice (demo) and live trading challenges! These two are the weekly trading challenges being held for all etoro clients with the highest prize of $1000 to the top winner on both categories; but there are also prizes for a number of participants. Actually, if you are a member of etoro, you are automatically given a privileged account to trade both on demo and on live so you don’t have to open new accounts.

On Practice Trading Challenge there are 80 participants that can be awarded from $100 to $1000, while in Live Forex trading Challenge, there are 50. eToro is the only broker I saw that is awarding this amount of prizes for trading contests held on a weekly basis and the prizes can be withdrawn instantly.


Prize Allocation For Practice Trading Challenge:

  • Place 1 gets 1000$
  • Place 2 gets 750$
  • Place 3 gets  500$
  • Places 4 to 10 get  250$ each!
  • Places 11 to 20 get $200 each!
  • Places 21 to 30 get $150 each!
  • Places 31 to 80 get $100 each!


Prize Allocation For Live Trading Challenge:

  • Place 1 gets $1000
  • Place 2 gets $750
  • Place 3 gets $500
  • Places 4 to 6 get $300 each!
  • Places 7 to 10 get $250 each!
  • Places 11 to 15 get $200 each!
  • Places 16 to 30 get $150 each!
  • Places 31 to 50 get $100 each!

How To Participate

  1. Open an account with eToro broker. Both live and demo accounts are available for use in one registration.
  2. Sign in with OpenBook using your etoro username and password. Or, you can open an account with OpenBook automatically. Openbook is an etoro’s social trading platform accessed in the web that will allow you to publish, follow, and or copy your and other’s trades. This will allow your trades to be published (as the contest requires).
  3. Trade!
There is not much terms on this trading especially on EA’s. Perhaps, etoro’s webtrader and desktop version won’t allow you to use EA’s.
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