ForexCent Trading Contests

ForexCent is also having a number of trading contests done on a periodical basis. Based on the name of the broker, ForexCent is a broker that allows you to trade on Cent accounts so with it’s contest, whether you are using a demo or live trading account, you are still able to trade on bigger lots using minimal leverages.Currently, the different bonuses being run by ForexCent are (Demo) Weekly Contest, (Real) ForexCent Prince Contest, and (Real) From 10 to 1000 Contest.



Demo Weekly Contest




  • Obviously, the Demo Weekly contest is a weekly contest held for demo accounts. It has a weekly prize fund of $100 and an annual prize fund of $5200. Three best traders are chosen each week.




  • weekly, Registration: 01:00 a.m. Monday until before competition start GMT+2



Prize Allocation:

  • First place: $50
  • Second place: $30
  • Third place: $20


How To Participate:

  • Register on ForexCent website to participate on all contests. (You may take advantage of the free 500 cent offer)
  • From your account, look for “Contests”, register from there. (Can’t provide you the link since ForexCent website is a back-office type of website, no pages)



Contest Rules:

  1. Only one contest account per person.
  2. Account currency: USD, EA: allowed,  Leverage: 1:100
  3. Initial Balance: $10000, Max Lot Order: 1 lot
  4.  Maximal Simultaneous Opened Orders, including pending orders: 10
  5.  Orders lower than 3 minutes or have less than 10 points of profit will not be accounted
  6. Winners are selected based on balance.
  7. Winners can participate in further stages of competition, however new prizes will not be available for them, only after current prize time will expire.




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