World Forex Cup By Nano4x

Nano4x has started a new trading competition webpage which includes trading challenges that’s one of their kind. World Forex Cup adopted the betting essence of trading; you are allowed to bet and your winnings is based on your bet. Whether you participated on a demo or live contest, you will need money for your bets.



How To Participate

  1. Register as a member at the Nano4x WFxCup page.
  2. Deposit to your WFxCup account; at least $1 is needed for every challenge (through WebMoney, LibertyReserve, or Bank Transfer).
  3. Participate on any contest (Demo or Real: Hourly, Daily etc.)
  4. Place your bet.



Terms For The Bonus

  1. Expert advisors are allowed.
  2. Winnings are based on bets and number of participants. (It’s like a poker winning structure with one difference: more than 1 participant can win on one contest)
  3. More details can be seen at the WFxCup page. (so go there lol  🙂 ).
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