10% Loyalty Bonus From Trading-Point

A type of reward is currently offered by Trading-Point to all its clients! It’s called Loyalty Bonus wherein each client can get 10% Bonus on every deposit. This is not a one time offer, rather, it’s available for all deposits that will be done during the year 2011. Sounds like this news is too old to be posted right?! But hey, you still have November and December to take chance with this bonus.

Trading-Point is a broker from Cyprus regulated by some financial institutions such as MiFID, FSA and CySec. Actually it’s one of the number of brokers sued by CFTC last September 2011 for accepting traders from USA (If you are a broker, remember registering with CFTC before accepting traders from USA). However, it’s not a big deal to me, I’m not a US residents anyway. With the trading condition of Trading-Point, it might not really matter when I tell you that spreads from this broker starts from 1 pip for all major pairs (or as low as 0.0001 with fractional pip pricing). Aside from that, Trading-Point is a broker that provides daily market reviews. That’s actually one review per market session so that’s 3 market reviews per day!


How To Participate on The Loyalty Program

  1. You must be a member of Trading-Point.
  2. Start depositing on your account.
  3. Each deposit entitles you for the 10% Bonus. If you are a new member (that’s actually 20% bonus on first deposit, the 10% subsequently!)
  4. Contact support if you don’t get the bonus after 24 hours of deposit.


Terms For The Program

  1. Trading-Point reserves the right to change or alter the program (just like all the bonuses on trading).
  2. Maximum amount of bonus cannot exceed $1000.
  3. The bonus is for all types of account (Micro. Standard, Executive).
  4. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn but the profits can be withdrawn.
  5. Clients may make as many deposits as they wish.
  6. Any withdrawal of funds from  Clients’ live Account(s) with Trading-Point will immediately nullify all previously awarded Loyalty Credit Bonus(es).
  7. If your equity becomes zero, all loyalty bonus will be cancelled.
  8. Bonus cannot be transferred from one account to another.
  9. Fraudulent activities of a client cancels the bonus (this is always a universal rule for all bonuses in trading)
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