$10 Monthly Deposit Bonus From FxOptimax

This promotion from FxOptimax has started last March 2011 and is currently active today. There has been updates and improvements about this bonus so this post is about the bonus as it currently follows the new conditions. For every, $10 or above deposits to your trading account, FxOptimax will give $10 bonus per month. The bonus is only for micro accounts and for old and new clients!

FxOptimax is a forex broker from New Zealand registered on March 2011. It offers $10 minimum on deposits at 1:400 highest leverage. It accepts all types of EA’s and trading strategies. Spreads start from 2 pips. FxOptimax forum also allows you to earn funds for trading that will expire for 6 months. This forum normally rates $0.20 per post and earns you money not only in terms of activity but also the popularity of your threads.


How To Get the Bonus

  1. You must have a micro account with FxOptimax.
  2. If you have many accounts from the broker, use the first one only!
  3. Deposit $10 or above.
  4. Bonus will be credited automatically. Contact the support if not credited within 1 hour.


Terms For The Bonus

  1. Only for micro accounts.
  2. One bonus per client and only the first MT4 account must be used.
  3. Bonus is given monthly ($10/month provided that you deposited $10 or more each month). It’s not based on depositing frequencies.
  4. If account’s equity is less than 110% of all bonus currently credited, FXOptimax have the right to void all your bonuses.
  5. Profit can be withdrawn.
  6. Bonus will be removed after 6 months of crediting.
  7. Bonus is removed during margin call, stop out, or withdrawal before reaching 2 lots.
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