100% Forex Bonus on Gedamo Investments Avalon Platform

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

After the free $200 no deposit bonus of Gedamo Investments through Facebook, another big bonus is currently being offered to all new clients which is up to 100% bonus on initial deposit. There is no limit when it comes to the amount of bonus so whatever amount you deposit, Gedamo Investments will double it.


Aside from being a brokers, it is also a bank which offers banking (cash management), investing (earn from your money, managed trading account), and wealth management (estate, pension, foundations). Last November 2011, last year’s YTD resulted to more 25% profit on FX-Alpha investment account. Lately, it has also extended it’s services by obtaining a new license in New Zealand.


How To Get The Bonus

  1. Visit Gedamo Investments website .
  2. Open a new account.
  3. Choose Avalon or Avalon-swap platform. Avalon platform is a unique trading platform by Gedamo Investments. (Try this personally and you’ll observe faster execution than MT4. It’s as fast as MT5 wherein you execute orders at the moment you click).
  4. Fill in your bank details. Try putting Paypal if you want to use it on all fields (Perhaps they will contact you if not allowed).
  5. Upload proof of identity or proof of address.
  6. Deposit to your account. The minimum deposit is $500



Terms For The Bonus

  1. There is no limit with the amount of the bonus.
  2. Bonus is given only to accounts that will use Avalon Platform.
  3. Approval of accounts may take 3-5 days.
  4. No deposits must be done if the required lot for the bonus is not completed.
  5. 200 lots must be traded for every $1000 bonus.
  6. The promotion is ongoing until announced by the company.



News From Gedamo Investments:

  • Gedamo Investments obtains new license in New Zealand



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