20% Bonus From Trading-Point Reloaded

The European forex broker, Trading-Point, that has just recently introduced it’s First Millionaire Trader (see the news at Yahoo Finance) has decided to continue its past bonuses for the Year 2012; the Zero Fees on deposits,  the 10% Loyalty Bonus, and this 20% Bonus. It has also launched 6 new trading platforms wherein clients can trade on 7 platforms using only one account. The 20% deposit bonus is only available for new clients and for first deposits. Other deposits would fall under 10% Loyalty Bonus.



How to Claim

  1. Open a new account with Trading-Point broker.
  2. Choose your desired account type.
  3. Deposit at least the minimum deposit for your account type.



Terms For The Bonus

  1. The bonus is for new clients only and is credited on the first deposit.
  2. The maximum bonus cannot exceed 2000 USD.
  3. The bonus is only good for trading (It can extend your trading capacity).
  4. Profits can be withdrawn anytime.
  5. Bonus will be written off upon withdrawal from account.
  6. Trading-Point has the right to cancel the bonus when your account gets zero balance or less.
  7. Internal transfer is not counted as the bonus.
  8. Credit bonus can be transferred.


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