2012 Bonuses and Contests From Profiforex

This post is gonna contain multiple bonuses and contests from a new fore broker called ProfiForex. This has been done because the following bonuses are interlinked or one would probably be linked to the other not only in the type of the bonus but in terms of prerequisites. Profiforex is a new no commission forex broker owned by Profiforex Group that offers no minimum deposit. It is one of the few brokers that accepts Paypal as one of their payment processors. The bonuses offered by Profiforex for 2012 are: Welcome bonus 10%, “First Deposit” Contest, “First Deposit” Contest Bonus 20%, “King of the Hill” Contest,  “King of the Hill” Contest Bonus 30%, and Free Forex Education



Welcome Bonus 10%



  • Welcome Bonus 10% offers 10% bonus on initial deposits for new clients. The minimum bonus is $5 so whether you deposit the minimum deposit which is $1, you’ll get extra $5.



  • on going until further notice


How To Get:

  1. Open a new account in Profiforex website.
  2. Deposit any amount you wish.


Terms For The Bonus:

  • Maximum bonus is $30.
  • Bonus can not be transferred.
  • Bonus can be received only once per client.
  • Profiforex reserves the right to cancel or reduce the bonus if profit/deposit is withdrawn without completing the required lots.
  • 1 lot trading is required per $10 bonus (use the ration 1:10 for smaller or higher bonuses)

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