20% Deposit Promotion From FxOptimax

Seems like today is deposit bonus day for poojim.com. Fxoptimax is currently offering 20% deposit bonus for every client. This deposit bonus however is limited for every minimum deposit of $100 and for micro account holders. The good thing with this bonus is that it can be withdrawn upon fulfillment of certain conditions.


How to Get The Bonus

  1. You must have a micro account with FxOptimax. You can open one here!
  2. Deposit at least $100.
  3. Bonus will be credited automatically; or request it at “admin@fxoptimax.com” if not given.


Terms For The Bonus

  1. Maximum bonus per customer is 5000 USD.
  2. If you withdraw any amount from your balance, bonus will decrease by 20% of your withdrawal amount.
  3. If your equity is less than 110% of your bonus, FxOptimax may cancel the bonus.
  4. Deposits from the following options are eligible for the bonus: LibertyReserve, C-Gold, Global Digital Pay, Bank Wire and deposit through local partner.
  5. Bonus can be withdrawn provided that the following conditions are met:
  6. total bonus x 0.3 = total number of lots to be traded for withdrawing the bonus.
  7. After completion send your bonus withdrawal request at “admin@fxoptimax.com”
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