25% Deposit Bonus From FBS

Another promotion from the broker that offers plenty of bonuses is currently running. That’s 25% bonus everytime you deposit to your FBS account! There is no exact date when this promotion will end, as I have known this broker, they like ongoing promotions that ends for long! Actually I almost forgot about the bonus as I was surprised when I had an additional balance after the instant crediting of my deposit a while ago. Anyway, here’s how you can get the bonus:


How To Get the Bonus

  1. You must have an account with FBS broker.
  2. Deposit any amount! (This is the good thing about this deposit bonus, you wouldn’t need to have a minimum deposit to get qualified)
  3. Bonus will be credited instantly as well after the instant deposit.


Terms For The Promotion

  1. The bonus cannot be added to your own deposits and to deposits by contests/promotions.
  2. The bonus can be withdrawn after the total volume of orders in an account reaches bonus amount divided by 3. (Deposit $12, you get $12(.25) = $3, therefore the required lot for bonus withdrawal = $3/3 = 1 lot).
  3. If your own funds becomes lower than the bonus, bonus will be cancelled.
  4. Withdrawing your deposited funds will cancel the bonus.
  5. Only one bonus per client per household.
  6. Profit from bonus can be withdrawn anytime.
  7. Maximum bonus amount is 10, 000 worth of your account currency.
  8. Bonus is not included in the stop about calculation.
  9. Cancellation of bonus makes it not withdrawable anymore (Isn’t it obvious? hehe).
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