30% Spring Bonus From Trading-Point

Forex  bonus for the spring, a week-type of seasonal promotion is also being offered by Trading-Point. The bonus is worth 30% of all deposits for this week only, until March 31, 2012. This is a 20% addition to the normal 10% loyalty bonus on each deposit on your Trading-Point accounts.



How to Get The Bonus

  1. Deposit any amount to your Trading Point account.
  2. Wait until getting credited.



Terms For The Bonus

  1. The bonus is only good for trading (It can extend your trading capacity).
  2. Profits can be withdrawn anytime.
  3. Bonus will be written off upon withdrawal from account.
  4. Trading-Point has the right to cancel the bonus when your account gets zero balance or less.
  5. Internal transfer is not counted as the bonus.


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