30% Welcome Bonus From Traders-Trust

Just like the The Trading-Point’s 20% welcome bonus, Traders-Trust’s 30% bonus is about to continue this 2012.  Having almost the same concept, the bonus aims to provide more trading power to new clients. With just a few slight differences, this bonus from Traders-Trust is 10% higher and can be withdrawn upon fulfillment of certain conditions.


Aside from being a broker with low spread and lots of bonuses (all bonuses of 2011 retained for 2012), Traders-Trust is a broker that has an excellent friendly support, chat or phone (won’t talk much this but you’ll prove it once you open even just a demo account or use the chat feature). It even has a rebate service that can be valued up from $2.5 to $3.5/per lot. Getting back to the welcome bonus,



How To Claim

  1. Open an account with Trader’s-Trust. (Here you go).
  2. Validate your account and deposit at least the minimum deposit for promotional claims: $100.
  3. Trade! Traders-Trust accepts microlots.
  4. Complete the required lot for the bonus. For every $10 bonus, 2 lots must me traded.
  5. Claim your bonus by sending a request at: support@traders-trust.com



Terms For The Bonus

  1. Maximum bonus is $1000.
  2. The client should have met the traded lot requirements within the first 30 days of the account creation.


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