Admiral Markets Philippines Bonus and Promotions

Lately, I have discussed about the exclusive FBS promotion for Indonesians wherein traders can win a Blackberry From FBS for visiting the FBS office there. Well, here we got another exclusive promotion (actually promotions!), this time from AdmiralMarkets Philippines! This promotions are available to all nations but exclusive only in the Philippines AM site.


In relation with this promotion, Admiral Markets has just opened its new office in the Philippines. That’s probably why they got this new promotion. All this promotions have been included in this one post because it is exclusive. These bonuses include 10% deposit bonus, Insurance or Doubler Program, Refer-A-Friend Program, Rebates For Wire Transfer, The Admiral Club, and Free Forex Trading Course. So let’s get it on! (:



10% Deposit Bonus




This bonus (obviously) gives 10% additional funds on your deposit up to $1000.



How To Get The Bonus

  1. Open an account with Admiral Markets Philippines.
  2. Deposit at least $1000.
  3. Complete the Required lots for withdrawing the bonus.
Terms For This Bonus
  1. The required lot must be withdrawn for the bonus to be withdrawn within 2 months (see table below).
  2. This is only for new accounts with Admiral Markets Philippines.
  3. This is a one time bonus only.
Required lots For Withdrawal
Initial Deposit Awarded BONUS Pre-requisite to Withdraw Within 2 months period Bonus
$10000 and above USD 1000 After 100 Standard lots Trade USD1000
$9000 to 9999.99 USD 900 After 90 Standard lots Trade USD900
$8000 to 8999.99 USD 800 After 80 Standard lots Trade USD800
$7000 to 7999.99 USD 700 After 70 standard lots Trade USD700
$6000 to 6999.99 USD 600 After 60 Standard lots Trade USD600
$5000 to 5999.99 USD 500 After 50 Standard lots Trade USD500
$ 4000 to 4999.99 USD 400 After 40 Standard lots Trade USD400
$ 3,000 to 3999.99 USD 300 After 30 Standard lots Trade USD300
$ 2,000 to 2999.99 USD 200 After20 Standard lots Trade USD200
$1,000 to 1999.99 USD 100 After 10  Standard lots Trade USD100


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