Big Bonus For Small Deposits From Exness

On this post, I’m gonna discuss about one deposit bonus from Exness called Big Bonus For Small Deposits. This bonus allows you to increase you trading leverage when trading. With that leverage, even though you get a small amount to invest for trading, you can still try trading different trading strategies. This type of bonus is derived in terms of net deposits, that is, the difference between deposits and withdrawals on your account. In short, it’s based on your current equity.

At first it’s a little bit confusing why it’s called Big Bonus For Small Deposits while the bonuses are actually isn’t that big. But you will really get good advantage of it if you are using their cent account.


How To Get the Bonus

  1. Open an account with Exness website.
  2. Deposit any amount from $10 and above. See Amount of the Bonus On Small Deposits


Amount of the Bonus on Small Deposits

Net deposit Bonus
$10-$50 bonus $3
$51-$100 bonus $15
$101-$500 bonus $30
$501-$1,000 bonus $125
$,1001 or more bonus $200






Terms For The Bonus

  1. The bonus is not withdrawable.
  2. This promotion is until December 15, 2012.
Note: No expressed terms when it comes to bonus cancellation so we can assume that this bonus cannot be cancelled and is good for reaching $0 balance on equity.
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