Inconeon’s 100% Bonus on Deposit

Inconeon is currently offering 100% on every deposit for clients that holds “Bonus 100” accounts on their company. Actually, the former name of this account is the “free10” account wherein Inconeon gave free $10 no deposit forex bonus. So if you opened “free10” account earlier, you are already converted with the “bonus100” account! This type of bonus from Inconeon is available for withdrawal upon fulfillment of certain conditions.

A little information, once again, Inconeon is a Russian broker regulated by different financial organizations from 12 countries: UK, Germany, Russia, HongKong, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, Netherlands, India, Switzerland, Thailand, and France. Two of which include FSC and CFTC (an organization that is popular today for suing a number of brokers this year lol). It has offices on HongKong, UK, Germany, and Russia.


How To Avail For The Bonus

  1. Open a “Bonus 100” account at Inconeon! Again, if you opened “free10” account earlier, you already have this type of account.
  2. Every time you deposit a minimum of $10, you’ll get another $10.
  3. Bonus will be credited automatically within 2 minutes. Send a ticket if you don’t get the bonus.


Terms For The Bonus

  1. If you withdraw any amount of your deposit (or equity), bonus will decrease to equal to the remaining original deposit. (If you deposit $100, you’ll get $100 bonus. If you withdraw $50 from that, bonus will also decrease by $50).
  2. If your equity is equal or less than your bonus, bonus will be cancelled automatically. Therefore you must maintain your balance or at a winning position after crediting.
  3. For every $5 bonus, 1 lot must be traded in order to withdraw it. There fore $10 bonus requires trading 2 lots, $50 requires 10 lots, and so on….
  4. Every closed positions must be more than 3 points (or pips, whether profit or loss).
  5. $2000 is the maximum amount of bonus.
  6. Just like any other bonuses, a broker has the right to annul the bonus anytime.
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