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The Best Retail FX Provider of 2011 by ARABCOM, Instaforex has added a new draw bonus in addition to it’s old same-themed bonuses before but this time, in terms of devices that can be won. Four gadgets ( iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy Tab) will be drawn per cycle. One cycle is composed of 2 months.



How To Participate

  1. For non-clients of Instaforex, they must open an account to participate.
  2. Deposit a minimum of $500 to your trading account (this can be an accumulation! 1st deposit + second deposit + nth deposit = 500) . If you have deposited $500 or more earlier but after January 23, 2012, you are already qualified.
  3. Register on the contest page.



Determination of Winners

ABCDE represents the winning device number:



The time and date of logging the Device number:

  • 1 number (iPad-number), logged on the 15th day of a campaign round at 23:59* (UTC+3);
  • 2 number (iPhone-number), logged on the 30th day of a campaign round at 23:59* (UTC+3);
  • 3 number (Blackberry-number), logged on the 45th day of a campaign round at 23-59* (UTC+3);
  • 4 number (GalaxyTab-number), logged on the 60th day of a campaign round at 23-59* (UTC+3).



Terms For The Promotion

  1. Instaforex will deliver the prize on any part of the world.
  2. Winners must provide identification documents for prize claiming.
  3. Prizes can be converted into credits (cannot be withdrawn but profits can be).
  4. If a non-participating account matches the generated Device number, then the preceding or following one is determined as a Winner based on largest deposit claculation:  A – B + C, where A is the sum of deposits since the January 1st, 2012, B is the sum of withdrawals since the January 1st, 2012, C is the trading result.



Recent News From InstaForex

  • Instaforex now offers ForexCopy which allows investors to copy other Instaforex traders trades.


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