Win Blackberry Torch from FBS

This post is exclusively dedicated to our Indonesian traders out there because this promotion currently run by FBS wherein traders can win a Blackberry Torch is for them only. That is because, this contest would require you to visit the FBS representative office in Indonesia. This bonus is actually a raffle draw that will be held on a monthly basis.


How To Participate

  1. Have an account with FBS.
  2. Visit the FBS office in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  3. Deposit on your account via Indonesian Local Bank Transfer.
Reference For The Promotion

INDONESIA FBS Support & Education Office

SKYLINE BUILDING 19TH Floor, Sakura Suites

Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav.9 Jakarta 10340, Indonesia

Telepon :         021-3430.6161



Faks :              021-3905141

SMS Center :    083871.300.777

Blackberry ID :  25681da8

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