Guess November NFP and Win $200 from Trading-Point

Here’s comes another bonus from Trading-Point. Again, this is a Facebook contest and just involves guessing the NFP that will be released on the first Friday of December. So this time, there is no need for hurry. The prize is worth $200.


How are you everyone, It’s been days since the last post. Am going back to the normal work schedule and currently adjusting. More bonuses will be added soon.



How To Participate

  1. You must have an account with Trading-Point.
  2. Like Trading-Point on facebook page.
  3. Post your NFP prediction on this facebook post.
  4. Click share.
Terms For The Contest
  1. The winner with the exact or nearest thousand wins.
  2. In case of many correct guesses, the first guesser wins.
  3. The prize is $200 no deposit bonus.
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