Win 150 USD From FBS “Euro For New Year” Contest

At last, it has been a little while since a new bonus from FBS has appeared. But as expected during Holiday seasons, FBS finally got another bonus which is called “Euro For New Year” forecast contest wherein participants can make a number of entries for predicting the price of Euro/Usd at New Year Night. The prize fund is worth $150  and is withdrawable. The contest is held at FBS official forum ForumForTrader., as defined above is an official forum owned by FBS. It was once a paid-to-post (PTP) forex forum wherein FBS clients can earn funds that can be used for trading with FBS. You can find a good number of paid to post forex forums on this website.


How To Participate.

  1. Participants must be a client of FBS.
  2. Post your prediction at this post.
  3. Results will be published on January 2, 2012.



Terms For The Bonus

  1. Accepted guesses are until December 20, 20111.
  2. Bonus can be withdrawn.
  3. Guesses must use 4 decimal points (e.g. 1.3011)
  4. Prize can be used for trading or withdrawn.
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