HotForex Traders Awards 2011

The last round for HotForex Traders Awards (HTA) 2011 is about to end but the last around is about to start. Hot Forex Traders Awards is a monthly trading contest started last September 2011 available to all contestants that register their HotForex live account with the competition. Top 10 traders are chosen given with certificate while the number 1 trader gets a HTA award plus $1000 cash.


How To Participate in the Contest

  1. The contest is available for all Hotforex live account holders except micro accounts. Visit Hotforex website to open account.
  2. Go to the HTA page in HotForex website.
  3. Click on Join Now.
  4. Register your live trading account.
Terms For Participation
  1. To be included in the contest for the current month you have to join before the 7th business day of the month. Therefore for December, end of contest registration is at December 6, 2011.
  2. The determination of winners is based on percentage gain so even you have small profit at the end of competition, it won’t matter.
  3. For HotForex clients only.
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