$11 No Deposit Bonus From Trading Point

Trading Point, a broker that’s full of surprise when it comes to promotions is currently running a free $11 no deposit bonus. Why poojim considered it full of surprise when it comes to promotions? Well, that’s because it runs contests for short terms so you better become alert when bonuses are offered. It’s not necessarily lame but it can be considered as a speed game for traders. Normally This surprise bonuses can be found on their Facebook page. Like this one, the promotion is only for one day, today actually November 11, 2011. In fact, it can be considered as a contest! Aside from Trading-Point subscribers and Facebook fans, poojim.com subscribers can also be able to take advantage with these offers as they pass by.


How To Get The Bonus

  1. Click here for the bonus page on Facebook!
  2. Below the promotion post, click “share”.
  3. Complete the task listed therein.
  4. After doing so, send the answers to questions at “social@trading-point.com”.
  5. Wait up to 72 hours and see if you got credited.


Terms For The Bonus

  1. The bonus is only valid for today November 11, 2011.
  2. It is available until 23:00 GMT tonight.
  3. All registered clients can participate.


Hurry up!

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