$5 No Deposit Bonus From Marketiva

This post is about the oldest no deposit bonus that I’ve known for a very long time. It’s the $5 no deposit bonus from Marketiva! As they claim, the bonus started on 2005 (I got mine on 2009), but until now, it’s still active. In fact Marketiva my first broker and my first time in trading was a profit without having a single penny to invest and a single idea about the market! The moment I withdrew here was the first time I had interest with forex trading. Funny when I started interest on the market, that gave me more losing trade from the start lol…

Marketiva is a forex broker from Montenegro. It complies with the regulation of MiFID as it claims. The major difference with this broker to other broker is that it uses Novativa Streamster platform instead of the most commonly used MT4 platform. The platform allows you to order not in terms of lots but in terms of quantity of currency so even at $1, you can be able to trade. In the pair USD/JPY,  1 lot is $100,000 worth of currency.


How To Get The Bonus

  1. You must be a new client of Marketiva. Click here to open an account.
  2. The bonus is automatically credited.


Terms For The Bonus

  1. The bonus is for new accounts only.
  2. Only one bonus per client.
  3. $7 commission is charged only for the first withdrawal.
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