Become-A-Guru-Trader Program From eToro

Aside from the easiest way of profiting from eToro through OpenBook, it has also been a good opportunity to earn for expert traders even if you are just using demo. When traders from eToro OpenBook are followed by a number of traders, they can get compensation from that. Some says you can earn more than $10, 000 from that. This new program from eToro has just recently started by the end of October.


OpenBook seems to be one of the best services that eToro has offered to all its clients because it is completely free. Unlike PAMM, OpenBook experts get compensated not through shares on investment but by eToro itself. How much you can get? We can not say, it depends on the number of traders that follow you (performance and the lot sizes they trade).

How To Become a Guru

  1. Simply open an OpenBook account. eToro appears to be the first broker that enabled social connect wherein you can sign up through your own social network accounts like Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Invite followers. (Or just maintain a good performance and you’ll have followers without getting too much efforts).


Terms for The Program
  • Same terms just apply with the overall eToro Trading terms and conditions.


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