Bonus For Posting With FXStat AutoTrading Service

Because poojim is all about forex bonus, it’s not only about the brokers! There are also other forex sites and services that offers bonuses for your trading or for being a member! One of which is FXStat! FXStat is an auto trading service that allows you to trade on your forex broker accounts through MT4 accounts with small commissions. They offer different trading strategies that you can follow automatically on your accounts. Strategies are carefully verified by the FXStat administration.FXStat is also a social trading website wherein you can share your trades and see performances of other traders (including strategies) on overviews and detailed views.

The current promotion of FXStat is the bonus for posting promotion wherein you can earn funds for your auto trading service. The major difference with this promotion with the other paid to post forex forums is that you can withdraw what you earn when you reach $50 to MoneyBookers. In fact this promotion started on August 15, 2011 and is supposed to end three (3) months after but for some reasons, it seems to be active til right. Perhaps I’ve seen that this promotion has increased FXStat ranking on search engines as I observed. The value of each post is 10 cents. As expressed in the bonus page, the forum is available for newbies and experts in trading.


How To Earn The Bonus

  1. Sign up for an FXStat account if you are not yet a member.
  2. Go to forums and start posting. It’s 10 cents per post ($0.10) (It’s as easy as that!).
  3. At any amount of balance you can  use that for autotrading or,
  4. You can withdraw at $50 balance on your MoneyBookers account.


Terms For The Posting Bonus

  • There is no predefined terms for this bonus but just like any other forums, I would advise to avoid excessive posts, it can be considered as spamming.
  • Also avoid using foul words and posting senseless posts.
  • Anyway, the FXStat admin is not that strict, he won’t delete any accounts or announce it on the forum, he will send you a private message (PM) if you are going out of the right direction.


In line with this post, I would like to give information with the newest feature of this innovative trading service of FXStat, the ManagedBook. This post is on the blog but it seems only a few sees it so I am re-quoting it here:


Managedbook is an innovative service that will allow you to create your own currency portfolio by following as many Market Leaders as you want and choosing the exact currency pairs you want to invest in. The system works by Market Leaders providing signals once they buy or sell a currency, signals that are immediately and automatically executed into their followers’ account (similar to FxStat Tradebook).

As an investor (trade follower) you will pay a success fee related exclusively to your profit and, one of the best things, in case you don’t make any profit out of this investment, you will not pay any success fee. The success fee is set at 20% of the net profits generated by the trades of each Market Leader in the trade followers’ account (portfolio) and represents the single fee charged by FXStat for this service. Also, any loss accrued by market leaders will be carried forward. Market leader will not get paid any success fee unless they have covered the losses (success fee is based on High Watermark).

Advanced Bookkeeping feature will allow investors (trade followers) to measure their progress in real time and closely monitor the open and closed P&L made by each Market Leader, as well as the P&L of every closed trade in your closed trade section and monthly breakdown of each market leader trades.

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