Break Even Trading With FBS

Happy New Year everyone! Many bonuses have been expired last December 2011, so poojim got a little rest on publishing bonuses. Let’s expect new promotions to come. The first bonus for 2012 that will be published here is the one that replaced the 25% on deposit. It’s  Break Even Trading promotion by FBS that can allows you to insure up to 100% of your deposit so you can get it back when you lose it. FBS is the first broker to offer break even trading. With this offer, you can choose how much you want to recover from your deposit when you lose it.



To Take Advantage:

  1. Log in to your FBS Trader Cabinet. (Click here to open an account).
  2. Deposit on your FBS Trading Account if you don’t have funds there yet.
  3. On the sidebar click on “My Accounts > FBS Breakeven Trading“.
  4. On any of your accounts are their corresponding balance. Click “Insure now” those you want to insure.
  5. Choose the return term (1 month, 2 months, 3 months). Return term is the amount of time you can wish to get your insured deposit.
  6. Choose the amount you want to insure (from 10% to 100%) by moving the percent bar. As you move the percent bar, you will be shown with the required volume to trade to get back your deposit within your chosen return term.
  7. Agree with terms and conditions by ticking the corresponding check box and click submit.



Terms For The Bonus

  1. Complete the required lot to get back the chosen value of your insured deposit.
  2. The insured balance is the balance you can get after margin call or stop out.
  3. There is a commission of $10 per lot in the promotion.
  4. There are no time restrictions for completing the required lots to get the insured amount.
  5. The minimum amount of insurance is $100 while the maximum amount is unlimited.
  6. A client can cancel insurance anytime (On this case, no compensation will be paid)



Some Facts and Tips.

  1. The longer the return term you choose, the lesser the number of lot you have to complete for getting back the insured amount.
  2. The lesser the insured amount, the lesser the number of required lot to complete (obviously).
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