Traders Trust Extra Cash From E-Wallet Deposits

Have we tackled about the unique Traders-Trust bonuses before? Well here just another unique bonus. This NDD broker that accepts everything in trading (have you checked out the banner in homepage?) is probably the first brokers to offer bonus just by using your payment processors. As traders, aside from keeping your money secure (by not exposing credit card details), you can also get extra 2.5% trading bonus every time we use them to deposit on Traders-Trust.



How To Get Bonus

  1. Open a trading account with Traders-Trust if you are new.
  2. Open a payment processor account if you haven’t have one.
  3. Deposit using the payment processors that they accept.
  4. Send a request at “” within 48 hours.



Payment Processors (or e-wallets) accepted by Traders-Trust:

  • Neteller –  is an FSA regulated payment processor that offers free mastercard and virtual card.
  • MoneyBookers – is also an FSA regulated processor that will soon be changed to Skrill trademark.
  • LibertyReserve – probably has the lowest fees but don’t allow you to withdraw money only through exchangers.
  • Paypal – probably the oldest payment processor, widely accepted (but not on forex trading), and is subsidiary of eBay.
  • WebMoney – started as a payment processor for Russians but has reached worldwide users and offers low fees.



Terms For The Bonus

  1. 2 lots must be traded for every $10 bonus. (0.5 lots minimum for $2.5 bonus)
  2. Withdrawal request without completing the required lots cancels the bonus.
  3. Bonuses will be granted only once per deposit,  account,  person,  household.



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