Win From Exness Adventures of the Leprechaun

Even though we’re not yet finished with the Christmas bonuses, we will start with the New Year 2012 bonuses as some few brokers has started offering some. One of which is Exness. Exness launched a new game on their website wherein traders will guide a Leprechaun (the main character) on a quest to the forexworld wherein Exness advantages will help him to collect coins, gold, and diamonds and fight against enemies like non-market quotes, requotes. The prize fund for this contest is $10,000 that will be distributed among the most active players.



How To Join

  1. Though it’s not explicitly stated on the rules, the game would need you to have a trading account with Exness to access the game. Open an account if you do not have one.
  2. Go this page for the game.
  3. Collect as many valuables as you can and defeat the enemies.
  4. Answer what position to take on news valuables (marked as the lightning symbol).
  5. Defeat the boss in the final round (stage 3).
  6. Players that will complete the entire game will receive a link to open an EXNESS trading account with the New Year’s 2012 bonus program. (so technically, you’ll need to open another trading account?)
  7. EXNESS will distribute the total prize fund of $10,000 among the most active players.



Terms For The Promotion

  1. The promotion is until January 15, 2012 only.
  2. Make sure your browser supports Adobe Flash Player 10.3


Game Controls:

  • ← (Left Arrow) — moves Leprechaun to the left
  • → (Right Arrow) — moves Leprechaun to the right
  • ↑ (Up Arrow) — jump
  • Space Bar — deploys weapon
  • Left click — selects weapon from the top game menu, also for trading on news, and selecting the door (fixed and floating spread)


Tip: Always choose floating spread doors.

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