Free Market Analysis by Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets is now offering Free Market Analysis on their website. This is a full market analysis visually aided by charts, calendars, and quotes. Full Market Analysis in a sense that it includes the most common types of analysis in forex trading. Though almost all brokers offer analysis service, they got different types of approach and this from Admiral Markets is just a different one as well.



Contents of The Market Analysis

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Market Talk
  • Daily Wave Analysis
  • Monthly Wave Analysis
  • Market Vision TV
  • Forex Calendar
  • Forex Quotes


To get these for free, simply visit the AdmiralMarkets website and look for the Market Analysis section.



Recent news from Admiral Markets:

  • The series of Educational Seminars continue and the continuation of Fundamental Analysis is on the 11th of January 2012 at 14-00 CET (GMT+2) with the following topics:

• The structure of ECB, FRS and BoE
• Intermarket analysis
• Bond market and yeilds analysis
• Carry trade
• Treasuries and Treasury spreads

Check here to reserve your seat!

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