PTA-N Automatic Trading From Nano4x

Nano4x, a newly FSC regulated broker is currently offering a free expert advisor exclusively made and tailored in Germany. This expert advisor called PTA-N is a fully automatic trading system generates signals from two different indicators and insures trade in case the rate goes against the trend. It work on MT4.

To be honest, this is free when used only in demo! This is to allow traders to test the EA’s capabilities. Actually PTA-N would cost you $450 when used in real trading, but if you are a client of Nano4x with $9000 on your live account, it is for free. Quite big requirement though; that’s why it’s offered for free in demo. That is to see how you can protect and grow such amount of investment.

Automatic trading involves the use of trading programs or softwares for trading. It offers you different levels of comfortability on your trading depending on its dependability. Some won’t really require you to do work at all to make profit even you know less about forex trading. A very useful impact of forex trading is that you can immediately cut losses when market foes wrong and do another  favorable trade without any scope for emotional errors. As we know, we can create wrong trades when we are afraid, depressed, anxious, and other negative feelings; they greatly affect our decisions.


How To Get PTA-N System

  1. Open a demo account with Nano4x by clicking here.
  2. Download the MT4 software here!
  3. Download the PTA-N system here!
  4. On your computer, click the “Explorer”, then open the “Programs> Nano4x> Experts” and paste this file in a folder.
  5. Open GBPUSD chart and choose H1 period.
  6. Turn on “Expert advisors” on top menu of MT4.
  7. On the navigation (left side), click “Expert Advisors”, Double Click PTA-N.
  8. Once you see a smiling face on the top right side of GBP/USD chart, you’re done!
  9. Demo or Live account must be online from 0:00 on Sunday to 23:00 on Friday for full realization of results.


Live Results?

  • Yes! There is a live result already for this system. Just login the following details on Nano4x MT4 real server:
    • Account: 687827
      Investor password: Investor1
      Server: Nano4x-Real (


How Can I Get The Real Version?

You can get the real version of PTA-N in three options:

  • Buy it for $450.
  • Buy it for $300 if you have a Nano4x account with $6k – $9k deposit.
  • For free if you have a Nano4x account with $9k – above deposit.

You can buy or request it to “”


Note: You might be wondering why the amount of deposit is a little higher to get the system for free. Well, aside from deposit privilege, the lot configuration for the system is at least $ 3,000 of capital must be on account for 0.01 of the initial lot.

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