AFBFX Cash Rebate Program

AFBFX Financial Services Limited is promoting a Cash Rebate Program that runs until June 30 2012. The said promotion allows clients to avail up to $3 cashback for every 1 lot traded.



How To Participate

  1. Open an account with AFBFX if you do not have one.
  2. Make an initial deposit ($50 minimum. There is no need to do so if you have been trading already).
  3. Send an email to “” with your username (email) stating your interest with this promotion.



Terms For The Program

  1. To receive the rebates, clients must have traded at least 5 trades with at least 5 minutes between each trade.
  2. Client must maintain one a trading account for at least 1 month after initial deposit.
  3. Bonus is given only to one account per account holder per client.
  4. The Client will be eligible to receive the rebate within 5 business days from the end of the promotional period, which is 1  month from the time the Client notifies AFBFX.
  5. Maximum cash reabte is $3000.
  6. No Cash Rebate will be given to a Client if his complete traded volume is less than 1 lot or trades in CFD Shares.
  7. Open trades are excluded from calculation of rebates.
  8. Participating in Cash Rebate Program will not entitle the Client to participate in any other AFBFX’s promotion/program.


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