SFP System and 1000 SFP Welcome Bonus from SystemForex

SystemForex is giving 1000 SFP for every new clients that will register on them. Aside from that the 25% Bonus on deposit is still active. SFP is a term used in pointing system of SFClub of the broker SystemForex which can be accumulated upon trading an can be converted into cash. It increases its value depending on the trading activity of a client. Therefore, SFClub pertains to rebates from trading, but this time, it is also given as a welcome bonus.Technically it’s a no deposit bonus but substantially, you won’t be able  to use it unless you trade, for which you have to make a deposit ($10 minimum). Why? Because SFP can only be converted into cash upon reaching 10,000 SFP. It is based on number of lots but it is primarily based on money (See pointing system).



How To Get The Bonus

  1. Open a trading account with SystemForexwebsite.
  2. 1000 SFP bonus is credited automatically, that’s ($10 already).



Terms For The Bonus
  1. The bonus can be converted into real money upon reaching 10, 000 SFP.
  2. Converted SFP can be withdrawn instantly.
  3. Orders with less than 2 minutes are not eligible for SFP crediting.
  4. If a client open two trades using the same instrument on an opposite direction at a span of 5 minutes, corresponding SFP may (or may not be) credited.



Pointing System

Club Level  SFP Rewards Rate Monthly Number of Lots to Trade
SF Pro 2.0 SFP 300
Platinum 1.6 SFP 150
Gold 1.4 SFP 50
Silver 1.2 SFP 5
Bronze 1.0 SFP any
  • 100 SFP = $1
  • Minimum Exchange: 10,000 SFP = $100
  • Points are added whether a trade results in profit or loss.
  • Club Level is set by SystemForex based on trading activity or monthly number of traded lots.
  • SFP is based on amount of money whether profit or loss.



Having a club level «GOLD» , therefore  SFP Reward Rate is 1.4. Supposed, you have closed three transactions: the first brought you +$200, second -$70, third +$80. During these 3 transactions you will be credited with (200 +$70+$80) * (1.4) = 490 SFP.


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