Crediting of Trading Accounts By Nano4x

A very unique type of promotion is offered by Nano4x! Actually this has been available for a long time. I have posted about this but I have to catch up after the past poojim has been accidentally deleted (or  probably hacked). Now it has moved to new servers and scheduled for daily back ups. Anyway, this type of bonus allows Nano4x clients to get additional margin for trading to his standard trading leverage.

Nano4x is a new forex broker founded last 2010 headquartered in London, UK. Lately it has been registered and is currently regulated by FSC (Financial Services Commission). It is also a totally no commission broker; it creates profit only through spreads (normally expressed in terms of pips). This has been possible through their STP (Straight Through Processing) technology which allows direct access to interbank liquidity. Therefore they offer only one type of account with privileges given equally to all clients, no ECN and no secondary liquidity provider. With this type of technology, Nano4x is able to offer no dealing desks, and no positions held in Nano4x. All EA’s and trading startegies are accepted, no limitations on order latency, no minimum and maximum deposit and deal, it seems to me that there is almost no limit at all with this broker.


How To Get Credit On Your Trading Account

  1. Open an account with Nano4x by clicking here.
  2. Fund your account (Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, Credit Cards, Wire Transfers). There is no minimum deposit with Nano4x but I suggest having at least $2 (if you want 100% crediting) or $4 (without crediting) because of the minimum leverage 1:500. (Your own money/balance is your equity).
  3. Log in to your account and send a request by clicking “Get Credit” and choosing the percentage of credit equaled to your deposit.
  4. Wait for a maximum of  24 hours and you will see your status if you are already credited on your MT4 platform.
  5. You can cancel the crediting on your account summary when you log in to your traders cabinet.


Terms For Crediting

  1. Maximum credit is 100% of your deposit.
  2. The credit is automatically removed when you the credit is already equal or less than your equity. Therefore credit is only for increasing margin and for opening a number of trades, not for maintaining a losing trade.
  3. Credit does not increase your balance.
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