FXVV’s Coolest Gadget Promotion

Have you just heard FXVV’s Rebate promotion in the last post? That’s a new promotion actually but here comes another promotion by the broker; the “Coolest Gadget Promotion” which allows you to earn the most popular gadgets as defined by the most popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Sony.



Gadget Showcase

Gadget Lot Requirement
Laptop (Intel Core i5) 500 lots
Apple Iphone (16GB, Wifi, 3G, Black/White) 500 lots
Apple iPad 3  (32GB, Wifi, 4G, Black/White) 500 lots
Sony Xperia S (Android, Black/White) 450 lots
Samsung Galaxy Note (16GB, Black/White) 400 lots



How To Participate

  1. Open an account with FXVV.
  2. Have an account already? Deposit at least $100.
  3. Complete the required number of lots for your chosen prize.




  1. Funds can be withdrawn anytime.
  2. Prize is delivered anywhere.


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