Golden Orient Bonus Program From Exness

Golden Orient Bonus Program is a trading promotion currently being offered by Exness broker for all its clients to get some grams of gold. This is a good promotion worthy to be taken advantage because as we all have known, Gold (Au) is a precious metal which has been reliably growing its value for a long time (according to Exness, it’s been 11 years). This promotion is valid until December 31, 2011.

Before the mechanics about the bonus, Exness broker will be described first since it’s the first that poojim will be publishing about the bonus. Exness is a Russian broker regulated by FFMS. It offers a minimum deposit for as low as $3 and the highest leverage of 1:1000. Spread starts at 0.1. Through the whole year significant improvements on their services has been noticed by many traders such as lowering the minimum deposits, increasing leverage, and offering free VPS service.


How to Get The Bonus:

  1. A trader must be an Exness broker client. Click here to have an account.
  2. Deposit any amount. The ratio for getting gold is 5:1,000. You’ll get 5 grams of gold for every deposit of USD 1,000 (0.5 grams for every 100 USD). (Just another fact about this broker, a minimum of $500 balance on account gives you an automatic access to their fre VPS service).
  3. For every gram of gold, current spot price =XAUUSD exchange rate / 31.1 (Troy ounce)
  4. This promotion is until December 31, 2011 only.


Terms For This Bonus

  1. Bonuses are accrued in monetary equivalent.
  2. This bonus is until December 31, 2011 only.
  3. You may withdraw every USD 10 from your bonus for each USD 1 million in trading volume posted to your account. As far as I understand that would mean you can withdraw $10 from your bonus for every 10 lots traded.
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